Owner CEO Of MassComedia Divesh Nath

Mission & Vision Of Divesh Nath

Divesh Nath mission is transforming the student into a real professional in one’s chosen field of media. With the help of technologies and resources and he provide first-grade training facilities on offer, our endeavour is to make it amongst the very best communication schools in the subcontinent.

In a democratic set-up like India, it is the Fourth Estate – the Media – that is supposed to shoulder the responsibilities of a watchdog. Mr Divesh Nath always in touch of student and he always knowing about each student in which topic student want to learn more and more and he provide that facility. The students of MassCoMedia with their expertise and focus, as also multi-disciplinary approach, will be able to carry forward the challenges of presenting the facts before the world objectively, intelligently, and without harming the social fabric of the society.